Established in 1987, Manjira Finance is an India-focused financial services platform founded by a team of Entrepreneurs and Chartered Accountants namely Mr. B Jangi Reddy, Mr. G Amarnath Reddy, Mr. K Pradeep Reddy and late shri Mr. AGS Reddy with Mr. B Jangi Reddy heading the team. In 75 years of working, banks have failed to address the credit needs of our population. We have been delivering credit at a rate that is moderate and serviceable for over three decades now. 

We partner new-age, local businesses and entrepreneurs with customized finance solutions. We believe, India’s growth opportunity requires financing that is relevant with the changing times. We provide financing that serves the latent yet burgeoning demand which is unmet by conventional lenders. We focus on being a partner credit institution and will seek to provide customised financial solutions to Indian Corporates and Enterprises for their growth and working capital requirements. In an industry that is largely transactional, we build strong, long-term relationships with our customers. This is exactly where we excel.

Manjira Finance Private Limited is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Click here to view the registration certificate.

Our promise reflects the values we stand for as a financial services institution. We remain committed to what matters most: our fiduciary relationship with our customers, whether it is an individual, small business or large institution that trusts us for its financing solutions.


Being passionate about helping our customers achieve their financial goals.


Doing business with trust and transparency for long-standing fiduciary relationships.


Being ethical, honest and fair with customers, partners, investors and employees.


Staying ahead of the curve by leveraging new lending approaches, research, rigour and technology.


Striving to serve the largest number of common people through quality non-banking financial services